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Chakra Meditation

8-Week Series
Beginning Monday, October 12, 7-8pm

$240 for 8 weeks

Come along with Haven and explore the whole Chakra system and then each of the primary 7 chakras.

Chakras are energy centers and each one corresponds with a specific part of our body. There are also relationships between our chakras and the mental and emotional issues we face everyday.

Through education and meditation, we can get in touch with our energy centers, ground and center ourselves, balance our energies and live a more relaxed, energized, balanced and joyful life.

                    Location        Central Issues
    Chakra One    Root        Tailbone        Survival/Security
    Chakra Two    Sacral        Navel            Sensuality/Emotions
    Chakra Three    Solar Plexus    Below Ribs        Ego/Power/Will
    Chakra Four    Heart        Rib Cage/Sternum    Divine Love/Relationships
    Chakra Five    Throat        Throat            Communication
    Chakra Six    Third Eye    Brow        Intuition/Perception/Imagination
    Chakra Seven    Crown        Top of Head        Awareness

Girls Night for Healthy Skin!

Wednesday, November 4, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Only $75 per person
Bring a friend and each of you get $5 off!
This playshop will feature individual rejuvenating chemical peels and delicious nutritious smoothies

Presented by Wendy Solomon and Elisa Eaker

Do you suffer from:
Age spots
Sun damage
Fine lines and wrinkles
Large pores
Uneven skin tone
Minor scars
Dull skin
Other signs of aging
Chemical peels can clear up many skin conditions and revitalize your complexion. The right nutrition is also essential for healthy, glowing skin and can help prevent signs of aging.

Come enjoy an evening of fun with the girls where you will receive a rejuvenating facial peel with no down time or residual redness. You will also sample a tasty skin-health smoothie and receive information about the best foods to nourish both your body and your skin!

Glowing beauty, inside and out all at the reduced group rate of $75 (Normally $185 - that’s 60% off)!
[Wear something casual that won’t be damaged by a chemical peel]

Wendy Solomon - the owner of Flawless Day Spa, is a licensed esthetician and is certified as an image consultant.

Elisa C. Eaker, M.S. - is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, long time Educator, and founder of WellnessByIntent. Today she is active in her community providing one-on-one holistic coaching, and is a nutritional and wellness speaker with informative talks on creating individualized optimal health.

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Stay tuned for the
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