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Light, entertaining and useful – lunch and learn talks are short, informative sessions where your employees get a chance to recharge and learn something new at the same time. Whether it is a lunch talk where people have lunch at your premises or an afternoon tea session during a meeting; talks promote learning and interaction between participants.


Workshops are longer sessions, between 3 hours to 6 hours long, usually held during a weekday evening or during the weekend. Lively and engaging, workshops are a good mix of theory and exercises. They are hands-on, practical sessions where your employees learn new skills and are great opportunities for teams to bond.

Whether you are interested in a lunch and learn or workshop, contact us to find out how we can provide information to your employees.  Tap into the knowledge of our team and see how we can bring about a touch of professionalism, wisdom and insight to your organization.

Below are just some of the topics we can bring to you.  Feel free to ask us if there is something specific you are looking about that relates to stress-relief, wellness, health, self-care, holistic health, beauty, or image.

  • Standout Style – Branding yourself for career success
  • The Power of The Mind:  Health & Wellness
  • ​Outsmarting the Aging Process – Savoring every moment of our lives
  • Holistic Living – Creating emotional well-being, physical health, and spiritual renewal
  • Live Longer Younger – Nutrition and self-care for a healthier, happier life
  • Under Your Skin – What you can’t see can hurt you
  • Beauty Within Me – Celebrating our individuality

Call us to find out how we can deliver a presentation to your office or group.

We want to make your job as a meeting planner or program chair as easy as possible! Here’s all the basic information you need to promote Wendy and your event. If you’d like to request any additional information, just email us, and we’ll provide it as quickly as possible. 

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But don't just listen to us...  Here are just a few of the testimonials from people who have hired us.

I was pleased to have Wendy Solomon speak to our group about personal branding. She's an engaging presenter and our employees loved her expert advice about the importance of their personal style and how it impacts perception. In today’s world, it can be particularly important to set yourself apart and to stand out, while maintaining your own spirit. 
- Richard G., HR Manager

Your presentation was fantastic -- fun, interactive, and extremely informative. We are very grateful to you for sharing your time and expertise with our clients. Thank you!
- Rosie W., Financial Services Manager

Our front line tellers and customer service representatives participated in a 2 hour workshop that highlighted the importance of professional attire, color, and hairstyle. Wendy’s presentation was very interactive and she really made our employees feel comfortable asking questions. She also was wonderful at addressing the concerns of our younger employees. In particular, 'How to dress business-like without selecting clothes that make younger employees feel as if they are dressed like 'middle aged' women.' When Wendy finished her presentation, our employees had a much better understanding of what to shop for and how to determine what looks good on them. Our employees who attended her  session have definitely polished their appearance.
- Gloria S., Bank Manager

The students really need your seminars.  Many of them have not had any exposure to current workplace culture until now.  And I can tell you really enjoy what you do.
- Bob D., Business Instructor

The whole “image” thing sounded silly to me, and I would never have sought this out if I hadn't won a gift certificate at an event.  But now I realize I just didn’t understand it.  After the wardrobe consultation you did, I see now that I will save hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars on my wardrobe over the next five years.
- Phil J., Web Designer

I decided I need an image consultant when I was looking at my friend and wishing that she would do something about her hair and her makeup.  But she’s my friend, and even if she asked, I would never tell her the truth for fear of hurting her feelings.  It occurred to me that she would probably never tell me, either!
- Julie P., Attorney

From the first moments of our first conversation I knew that I would work with you. At the time, I was completely disconnected from any sense of personal style. After years of practically living in yoga and workout clothes, I didn't know what my style was anymore and didn't know where to begin. You heard me, you understood my state of confusion and you honored my values. I knew that I was in excellent hands.  What I didn't expect was that your process would go so deep in helping me discover how I want to show up in the world; who I want to tell the world I am. Gaining that clarity, combined with the practicals of colors and proportion, shifted my confidence, my energy and my attitude about my personal image. I think what is perhaps the most fun for me is that now, when I'm packing for a business trip, I only have difficulty deciding what to bring because I love my clothes so much I want to bring them all! Thank you, Flawless Day Spa, for reawakening my expressive self! 

​- Maria P., Business Consultant

Last night I attended a work-related event downtown. During the course of the evening, I was called upon to make an impromptu speech. The fact that I was able to casually get in front of the room, take the microphone, and comfortably talk is due in no small part to the work I've done with you. Thank you!

- Patricia L., IT Team Leader

Getting my color palette and my 4 inner beauty words has made clothes shopping an entirely different experience. It's no longer an open-ended, overwhelming, frustrating, hit or miss experience each time I go to the store. I'm understanding that the colors, the body type, and my specific needs are the parameters for each shopping experience, and these allow me to be focused.
- Coral P., Pharmaceutical Sales