What is a Fantasy Color?

Fantasy colors are temporary hair colors in non-natural hues such as “fire-engine red”, or “sapphire blue”.  We can custom create any color in the rainbow for you.  

Will it damage my hair?

Fantasy colors require the hair to be pre-lightened prior to application.  Any time you lighten the hair, the structure of the hair is broken down.  With the right products, proper application and treatments, and if you  are willing to follow the recommended at home care, you can absolutely enjoy fantasy colors and still maintain the integrity of your hair.  (A thorough consultation will be necessary to determine if your hair is healthy enough for a fantasy color.)

How long will the color last?

That depends on how healthy your hair is and how well you follow the recommended care instructions.  Fantasy colors are only temporary, meaning they begin to fade from the very first shampoo.  Some people enjoy color for months, while others wash out in the first week.  Please refer to our “Care Instructions” below for optimum longevity.

How long is the process?

The initial process typically takes 3-4 hours but can be as much as 7-10 hours.  The time required is dictated by the color chosen, the color your hair starts as, and several other factors.  Make sure you read the “Prepare for Fantasy” section below to prep for your consultation.  

How much will it cost?

Again, this depends on a lot of factors.  How much hair are we coloring?  How thick and long is your hair?  How much time will it take?  Because of the nature of fantasy colors and the pre-lighten process required, this is the most costly color service offered.  The initial visit will be the most costly and time consuming.  Re-applications are a lot less.  At your consultation, we will guide you to the pricing guidelines, and we are happy to offer suggestions for you to fit your budget if at all possible.

Things to Remember

Fantasy colors will transfer when your hair is wet.  You will see bold color washing down your drain while shampooing your hair.  Anything your wet hair touches will turn that color.  Use old, dark towels to dry your hair.  Don’t let wet hair lay on shirts, jackets, or bedding.

Be prepared to come back every 2-3 weeks for a color refresh.

Have we talked about fade yet?  This is the most costly and most time consuming color process there is with the quickest fade time.

Due to the pre-lightening process you may experience more tangling than usual.  A good leave in conditioner will help if needed.

Care Instructions

Fantasy colors take a lot of time and investment, so you will want to protect that investment with the proper home-care.  This checklist will ensure that your color lasts as long as physically possible with your hair type.

Wash Less – Temporary colors fade from the very first shampoo.  If you don’t want the color going down the drain, simply don’t shampoo your hair.  A dry-shampoo is a GREAT option for fantasy colors.

Wash Cold – The cooler the water, the longer your color will last.  Hot water opens up the cuticle of your hair shaft, letting out that precious color you're desperately trying to keep.  Cold water keeps the cuticle nice and tight, holding in as much color as it can.

Use a Better Shampoo – Everyone likes to save a buck.  When it comes to caring for your fantasy colors you do not want to skimp.  A good shampoo makes a world of difference. We carry Formula 18 and Colure in the salon and can offer suggestions for your hair type.

Embrace the Fade – Fantasy colors fade. Period.  It’s best if you just plan for it now.  Get ready to enjoy a whole new hue every time you wash your hair!​

Preparing for Fantasy

Are you ready to take the leap into fantasy hair color?  Make sure you are ready to answer the following questions at your consultation! 

What is your haircolor history?

The color treatments you do will stay with your hair until you cut it off, even if you have colored over it.  We will need to know every color process that you have had in the past 2 years.

Have you ever had a perm?

Depending on the condition of your hair, a prior perm might limit how light we can go and will affect the outcome of your haircolor.

Are you taking any medications?

What we put into our bodies will always come out through our hair.  Certain medications could affect the outcome of your color and will require a pre-treatment.

Do you have any allergies?

If you have ever had a skin reaction to any color service, and you have chosen an “on-the-scalp” service, we recommend a patch test to ensure you are not allergic to our color.

Things you should  know before you color your hair, especially with non-natural colors