Personal Style

Step up your game with an investment in yourself.  It will give back to you in more ways than simply looking and feeling fabulous.  Want to know what cuts flatter your figure?  No problem, we will explain why you never feel good in that outfit.  Want to look ten pounds lighter?  We teach you what silhouettes, fabrics, and styles are most flattering to you.  We discuss styling tricks and simple alterations that slenderize without much effort.  Over and over, we hear about how much time, money, and stress these empowering tools save our clients in the long run.  All you’ll have to do is prepare yourself for compliments!

Image Basics

Color Analysis.  There is a scientific basis to color harmony, and which colors will go best with your skin tone.  Finding out your best colors can help you save money and time when shopping, and help you look your best every day.  Wearing the right colors make your skin look flawless, your eyes sparkle, and make you look years younger.  Includes your color swatch booklet.  $80

Body Type Assessments.  Finding out your body type and how to dress for it can help you look slimmer and more proportionate.  Measurements are taken to assess your body type, bone structure and overall proportions, as well as determining the lines and shapes within your body which will guide you in finding your signature style.  We will focus on maximizing your strongest features and creating balance and harmony through choosing garments, fabrics, textures, patterns and cuts that flatter your body type.  Includes body type printout.  $80

Face Shape Assessments.  Knowing your face shape will help you determine the best hairstyles, glasses shapes, and accessories shapes and styles to suit your face shape.  Includes face shape printout.  $60

Fashion Personality Assessment.  Have you ever purchased clothing that ends up sitting in your closet unworn?  Can you wear each piece of clothing in more than one way?  Do you wish you had a more defined style?  Your fashion personality assessment will help you to pull together a stylish look by understanding a few principles that define who you are right now.  Includes fashion personality printout.  $60

Total Image Assessment.  Includes color, body type, face shape, and fashion personality assessments and the associated materials.  Approximately 2 hours.   $240

Creating Your Style

Closet Analysis.  During this appointment, we explore your closet to uncover the gems and analyze the fit of your clothing and accessories.  We provide honest feedback about what works and what doesn’t, and together we identify the key pieces you need to fill in the gaps.  We reorganize your closet for efficiency with the items that fit and flatter your figure, have purpose, and make sense for your lifestyle.  We style at least three outfits that you can wear immediately, and to make life easier, I happily remove unwanted items for you if you wish.  I will consign what is appropriate under your name and donate the rest – two less things you have to do, and also earning you some cash to apply towards future purchases.  Plan approximately three hours for this appointment at your home.  $300

Personal Shopping.  Our intention is for this to be one of the best shopping experiences of your life!  Based on your budget and the prioritized shopping list we made, we shop for the key items necessary to make your wardrobe complete for this season.  We grab affordable basics at one or two department stores and signature pieces from boutiques that make sense for you.  During our shopping trip, you learn how and where to shop more effectively.  Plan approximately three hours for this appointment for our adventure.  $300

Style Creation. Back in your closet, we create at least 18 head to toe original outfits you can recreate on your own.  You learn multiple ways to use each new item so that you have a signature look for every occasion.  Digital images document the looks, limiting morning freakouts and making event planning and packing a breeze.  After we leave, you may have questions or want a second opinion as you are putting outfits together on your own.  Feel free to email or call us for two weeks of ongoing support.  We have your back and will get back to you promptly.  Plan approximately three hours for this appointment at your home.  $300

Sort, Shop, & Style.  The Sort, Shop, & Style combines the Closet Analysis, Personal Shopping, and Style Creation.  Purchased separately, the sessions would cost $900.  But if you bundle them together, you save!  Done with clutter in your closet?  Most of us wear about 20% of the clothing we own on a regular basis, and the rest is just money sitting there in your closet. During these sessions, we will objectively decide what is worth the physical and mental real estate to keep in your closet, and we will make sure you know how to wear 100% of it confidently. 
Approximately 9 hours.  $750

Finishing Touches

Poise & Confidence Workshop.  This workshop helps attendees develop and display poise, confidence, and social graces.  Topics include instruction in skin care, cosmetics, color analysis, sitting and standing gracefully, proper ways to shake hands, navigating stairs, entering a room, getting in and out of a car, and creating presence.  Can be done for one to six people.  Four hours, $300, 2-6 people;   Eight hours, $500, 2-6 people

Etiquette.  Your manners and etiquette are not just actions....they are an attitude that is closely related to your self-confidence, your position in business and personal life, as well as your ability to build successful relationships, teams... organizations.  Master the important life skills that lead to triumph in your professional and personal life.  Prices vary depending on the situation.  Call for details.

Corporate Workshops

Did you know that people form up to 11 different opinions about you in the first 60 seconds of meeting you?  And studies show that once someone has formed an opinion about you, it is rarely if ever changed!  For a corporation, these statistics can have a staggering effect on your bottom line…  Because how your employees look reflects directly on the company as a whole, and determines how your clients view the company.  The appearance of one employee can make the difference in whether or not that client decides to do business with you.

Flawless Day Spa can provide you with workshops on a variety of image related topics.  We can tailor them to your needs, and work with your existing dress code policy.  Our workshops are “value added” presentations, in that we can offer to your employees at very low cost, additional services that can further enhance their images.  Our workshops are designed to provide your employees the most powerful tools of self-knowledge and self-awareness. Our workshops are tailored to your needs.  A sampling of our titles is below.

    Standout Style:  Branding Yourself for Career Success

    Image Confidence Workshop
    Poise, Presence, and Power
    Basic Business Etiquette
    Networking Etiquette
    Dressing Well on a Budget
    Do you Attract The Right Clients?
    Skin Care, The Sun, and Aging
    Image Tips for Travelers
    (Spring or Fall) Fashion Tips
    Beat the Heat Image Strategies