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Les Nouvelles Esthetique

Flawless Day Spa in Chapel Hill,N.C., offers a chemical peel, Brilliant Bikini (15 minutes, $30), for the same reason.  "This is done a couple of days after waxing, where we do a quick chemical peel treatment at the bikini line", says owner Wendy Solomon.  "This helps to smooth the skin and helps prevent ingrown hairs.  It's quite popular".

Les Nouvelles Esthetique

The Yam and Pumpkin Anti-Aging Facial (60 minutes, $85) at Flawless Day Spa in Chapel Hill, NC, gives clients a youthful loo by removing dead skin and minimizing large pores, fine lines and sun damage.  "We keep the puree of yam and pumpkin on the skin for about 10 minutes to allow it time to penetrate.  This invigorating treatment is mildly tingly and helps stimulate blood circulation," says owner Wendy Solomon.

Meadowmont Living

Chair massages, Reiki, and microdermabrasion demonstrations were just a few of the relaxing services offered to guests who attend August's Meadowmont Night Out at Chapel Hill's Flawless Day Spa.  As the event begin dark clouds and torrential rains poured down outside.  Though somewhat wet from the weather, guests entered the doors of the spa and instantly found themselves in a completely relaxing and serene atmosphere and were welcomed by a friendly staff with wine, refreshments, and a variety of spa treatments.  Throughout the evening, they enjoyed good company while learning about the spa's services and meeting the staff.  A beautiful rainbow eventually emerged in the sky above, creating the finishing touches on a wonderful evening.

Wendy Solomon, owner of Flawless Day Spa, and her staff shared a wealth of knowledge about the spa itself and the various treatments, products, and services they offer raning from skincare and facials to Reiki and acupuncture.  Massage therapist, Andy, gave chair massages to guests and did an incredible job of helping guests learn more about their bodies and gave them tips as to how to stretch or exercise muscles they may have trouble with.  Reiki Master and Energy Worker, Haven, and Dr. Roy, Metaphysician and Minister, explained and demonstrated the connection between physical, mental, and spiritual, and how moving energy creates balance and promotes healing.

Throughout the evening, several guests were lucky winners of raffle drawings with prizes including gift certificates to the spa, baskets of spa products and goodies, and a gift certificate to the Connect Chiropractic, the spa's neighbor.

Flawless Day spa's mission is to pvodie results based services to clients, and it has "an approachable and relaxed, yet refined ambiance where we strive to foster a sense of community."  The spa offers an ideal setting for relaxation, rejuvenation, and reconnection.  To learn more, visit, or visit Wendy and her wonderful staff and enjoy a massage, facial, or another healing, therapeutic experience.  The spa is located at 901 Willow Drive, Suite 1, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, 919-213-1772.

Meadowmont Living

If you want to look and feel flawless every day, you have to take care of yourself every day. that's why Flawless Day Spa of Chapel Hill is open seven days a week.  Spa owner and skin therapist Wendy Solomon explains: "We make it convenient for everyone to take care of themselves.  Our treatments and our customer service are the reasons we earned the 2014 "Best of Chapel Hill" award after only two years in business."

Flawless is a small, intimate spa that offers a full range of spa, wellness, and beauty services, including massages, facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, manicures and pedicures, makeup, waxing, Reiki, Access Consciousness, guided meditation, reflexology, chakra balancing, ionic foot bath treatments, head shot photos, and spa parties.

Wendy proudly hires skilled therapists and estheticians who are also compassionate, client-focused, and adept at offering curative and remedial sessions for healthy skin, body, and spirit.  Associates Colleen Cole (acupuncturist) and Dr. Cate (regular massage, facial, and holistic treatments chiropractor) complement wellness services with lifestyle coaching and a variety of drug-free healthcare options.

"We take the time to find out a person's goals, and to address them both in the treatment room, and by providing at-home strategies to help clients continue the therapeutic benefit between treatments," Wendy explains.  "We're more than just the services we provide.  We're a resource to other wellness professionals in the area and offer classes on various wellness topics.  Our clients are not just a number to us - they're family."

The spa began with a simple menu of organic facials, but then expanded its services to address clients' broader wellness needs.  Wendy plans further expansion in the near future, always with the goal of providing the best spa, wellness and beauty serices all under one quiet, comfortable roof.

Wendy encourages everyone to come in and appreciate the value of regular massage, facial and holistic treatments:

"Make a commitment to yourself, and see how much better you feel."

Call Flawless Day Spa at 919-213-1772.  Vsit them at 901 Willow Drive, Suite 1, Chapel Hill, NC or online at


Day Spa Magazine

Wendy Solomon, owner of Flawless Day Spa in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, agrees.  “We’ve discovered that charging for our seminars actually increases the perceived value of our spa,” she reports.

Of course, it pays to set event fees carefully, taking into consideration instructors’ salaries, refreshments, product and general overheads, notes Solomon, who charges $30 per person for her spa’s meditation class.  She also takes in $75 per attendee for the spa’s Girls’ Night for Healthy Skin chemical peel “party”, which covers the cost of a peel and smoothie for each guest, as well as education and demonstrations.  Also on the agenda: a three-hour Beauty Playshop ($159 per person), which includes a seminar, instruction, makeover and headshots.

Although Solomon encourages guests to purchase products at her events, “It’s a soft sell,” se says.  “At our couples’ massage workshops, attendees can buy massage oils and body scrubs so that they can try the techniques they’ve learned here at home.”

“We always get fresh clients when we hold a class,” adds Solomon.  “The classes present us to new people in a positive light because the attendees have fun and enjoy the experience – plus, they get an unofficial tour of the spa.”

“At our events, we reach guests on a personal level,” says Solomon.  “So, these one-off customers are more likely to become clients who attend future classes, purchase treatment packages, cross over to more than one type of service, buy products and refer friends.  Our workshop guests are among our most frequent, devoted clients,” she notes.

Educational goals can be effective, inexpensive ways to get yoru name and brand out tho the community at large, and thereby expand your future customer base.  They can help establish you as a trusted resource, too.  “Workshops increase a spa’s visibility and credibility,” opines Solomon.  “They foster a friendly atmosphere that makes guests feel comfortable and open to receiving other treatments.  They create a sense of community and synergy.”

Don’t dismiss the power of a freebie, either:  Solomon frequently gives complimentary workshop tickets to specific local businesses, who pass them on to key clients.  “Doing this brings us a targeted audience, helps us fill seats and provides goodwill to both the attendees who received the gift and the referral partner,” says the spa owner.  “For instance, a business coach recently sent six people to one of our nutrition events.  They loved receiving free tickets, and had a great time at the event.”

As a result, says Solomon, “We’re not even four years old, yet everywhere we go in the community, people have heard of our spa, and that’s because of our classes.”

Image Maker
The Times, July 1991
By Janie Nafsinger

Consultant adds polish to the office look.  Image consultant Wendy Solomon gets right down to business.

Her client, Pat Hutchinson, wants some new, bolder makeup.  “It’s been the same for 10 or 15 years,” explains Hutchinson, a sales representative for Payroll 1 in Tigard.

Maybe some bolder jewelry, too – “I tend to be pretty conservative about accessories,” she tells Solomon.

Her hairstyle is fine; she got it cut just that morning into a short, wash-and-wear style that fits with her naturally curly brown hair and no-fuss lifestyle.

But the beige blouse and brown skirt that Hutchinson is wearing just aren’t her – she is really a “cool winter,” Solomon says, her skin tones better matched to navy and red than to tan (too sallow) and brown (draining).

And the clothing style?  Casual, simple lines suit Hutchinson’s figure type and personality – “you’re a classic,” Solomon determines.

If it’s a complete makeover Hutchinson wants, she’s come to the right place.  Solomon, a Tigard resident, helps career women and men achieve that “polished, professional” look that fashion magazines talk about.

Solomon offers head-to-toe advice, from hairstyles and cosmetics to colors and clothing styles.  She analyzes her client’s body type, helps choose colors, does makeup, advises hairstyles, organizes wardrobes, even shops for clothing and accessories for her clients.

She gives presentations to businesses on how appearance affects productivity, and offers makeovers to individuals and groups at private homes or in conference rooms.  Her clients include architectural firms and business colleges, entry-level office workers and executives.

“Image consulting is not just a fad,” says Solomon, a representative for BeautiControl Cosmetics, a Dallas, Texas-based company.

“Companies are finding it worthwhile to have image consultants come in and work with their employees on achieving a more professional appearance,” she says.  “We put it all together – cosmetics, clothes, hair.  We’re geared to the businesswoman.”

Solomon was an administrative assistant with Security Pacific Bank before she joined BeautiControl about three years ago after answering an advertisement.  Yes, she’s had a makeover, too, and she exhibits her “before and after” photographs as an example.

A petite blonde, Solomon wears her hair short and, because she is a “summer,” chooses soft pastels and whites as her wardrobe colors.  “But I like red, too”, she admits, so she accessorizes her white suite with a red scarf and jewelry.

Which brings up fashion rules, or lack thereof, according to Solomon.

“There’s always a list of dos and don’ts, but the list is always changing,” she notes.

“Rules are meant to be broken.  For example, I advise women to match their hosiery with their shoes or their hemline or both, but it can be mixed up.

“The key is taking a long look at yourself in the mirror before going anywhere.  What might work in one place might not work somewhere else.”

Solomon always takes into account her client’s wishes and personal tastes.  “What would you change about yourself if you could?” she asks Hutchinson, a Rock Creek-area resident whom she met through the chamber of commerce.

Hutchinson apparently has already thought about this.  “My figure and wrinkles,” she replies immediately.

“Boy, are we in luck – we can fix that,” Solomon says, grinning.

Those are common complaints of women, she adds.  “Obviously we can’t change the figure, but we can do things with clothes and makeup to hide and flatter.”

Hutchinson feels “fairly comfortable with her working wardrobe and the colors she usually wears.  “I like basic blue and white – I wore school uniforms for years,” she says, laughing.

There are other colors, too, that look good on Hutchinson, as Solomon shows, when she “drapes” her client with swatches of fabric in a dozen hues.

Orange?  “It makes your skin look sallow,” Solomon says, shaking her head.  Pure white?  Solomon smiles.  “See how it brightens your face?” she observes.  

Solomon does not charge a fee for her consultations, instead relying on sales of BeautiControl products.  But she also offers personal services, such as shopping and closet analysis, for a fee of $35 an hour.


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She Knows Blog

As Wendy Solomon, makeup artist and owner of North Carolina's Flawless Day Spa, puts it so well: "This fall, the eyes have it." If you try even one fall makeup trend this year, don't skimp on your lashes. "This season, long and lush are the way to go," says Solomon. "There are many lash growth serums on the market that are a terrific way to give you that long lash look without much time investment. Apply a serum each night before bed, and after about six weeks, you will have longer, thicker lashes. With or without long natural lashes, a couple layers of dark black lengthening mascara, then a layer of black thickening mascara, can work magic on your eyes."

Women in Business Blog

A Conversation with Wendy Solomon: Owner of Flawless Day Spa

An interview with Flawless Day Spa owner
As one of the fastest growing segments of the small business community, women-owned businesses account for 30 percent of small businesses today, compared to approximately 5 percent in 1970, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

This interview with Wendy Solomon, owner of Flawless Day Spa, is part of a series where we interview inspiring women-owned businesses highlighting the interesting facts, untold stories, and signature elements of each business. Like their businesses, each business owner’s journeys is unique, and offers insight into what it takes for a small business to flourish.

What makes your business stand out from the competition?

Although spa services are often thought of as simple relaxation, our services are therapeutic, as well.  We want to make sure that when our customers leave, we have made a positive difference for them, whether that means an enhancement of their skin, release of muscle tension, or an improvement in a specific health condition…we really work on the “whole” person.  We also pride ourselves on being approachable and friendly—for us it is about the customers and their needs, not just about selling something to them.

What inspired you to start this business?

As an esthetician, I am fascinated by skin care, and so my initial desire was to help clients with their skincare needs.  But I have seen that it is much larger than skin care—it has to do with self-esteem, self-care, and how those we have touched impact others around them.  As the spa has grown and included massage and holistic treatments, it has given us the opportunity to provide a much deeper level of service, to help connect with the mind, body, and spirit, and really make lasting changes in people’s lives—inside and out.

Why do you think it is important to celebrate and recognize female business owners?

Men still out-earn women by a huge percentage, get more business loans, and have more top leadership positions. In many ways, specifically financially, women have less advantages when it comes to careers, and particularly in starting their own businesses. But there are significant studies that show that as women prosper, the economy prospers. Women are more likely to invest in their families and communities, and tend to nurture and develop other women, and so there is a bigger return when we support and recognize these women.

What does being a female business owner mean to you?

It means that I have the capacity to impact many lives. It is awe-inspiring to me to be able to employ talented people and give them a place to utilize their gifts. And equally amazing to be able to reach so many customers and hear from them how we have touched them. We often receive testimonials and notes from clients about what our service means to them, and it is gratifying to know that we have been able to help them. I enjoy being part of the community, as well, and as we grow, that we are able to give back to some of the other businesses, organizations, and individuals.

What is the most rewarding part of owning or running your business?

The most rewarding thing is meeting so many fantastic people. Our staff is amazing—they are each very good at what they do. But beyond that, they are great team players and bring more to their work than just what is on their job descriptions. I have learned a lot from them. And our clients are the best! They have helped make recommendations and we have listened, and our growth is due to them. We appreciate our customers’ support of the spa, but also many of them have become good friends. We value all of them.

Where do you hope to see your business and community in the next five years?

We do have planned growth in terms of more services that we can offer. In the future, we look forward to being better able to give back to our community that has generously supported us.

Country Living

25 Things to Look Forward To About getting Older

"The older I get, the more empowered I feel. Each life experience brings a broader perspective, and greater clarity about people, about coping, about problem resolution. I'm better able to personally navigate life's challenges, and I'm able to use this knowledge to help others.

With age also comes more compassion. I have seen and experienced more and can appreciate situations from multiple perspectives. Therefore I am better able to negotiate and build consensus. I wouldn't trade where I am in life for my younger self. Except, of course, for my wrinkles!" — Wendy Solomon, spa owner, Chapel Hill, North Carolina



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A blast from the past.  Owner Wendy Solomon, highlighted in an article from July of 1991, early in her skin care and cosmetics career.