Dr. Roy Solomon has been studying metaphysical concepts since the early 1960s.  He himself has experienced self-healing when he overcame multiple sclerosis.  His desire to help others do the same began with a healing experience in which he understood the power of energy and the mind-body-spirit connection.

He received his Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and Ministry from the University of Metaphysics.  He also holds a Doctorate in Paranormal Psychology from the University of Sedona.  He is board certified in Advanced Pastoral Psychology.  He is an ordained minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry.

As an ordained minister, Dr. Solomon is available to officiate weddings, baptisms, funerals, and other ceremonies.  

We offer traditional and non-traditional customized ceremonies.  Call or email Dr. Roy for quotes, 919-213-1772 or DrRoy@FlawlessDaySpa.com. 

Commitment Ceremonies
Pre- and Post-Marriage Counseling
Coming of Age Ceremonies
Life Transition Ceremonies
Memorial Services

Pastoral Counseling.  Our emotional and spiritual lives are intertwined, and occasionally we run into challenges that derail us from moving our lives in a positive direction.  If you are troubled, feeling lost, or going through a transition in your life, we can help.  We offer counseling that can help individuals cope with the stressors they face, and reconnect the separate areas of their lives.  We have worked with individuals for a number of issues, including adolescence, grief, relationships & sexuality, addictions, depression and anxiety, life transitions, and more.
60 minutes, $85

The Reconnection Energy Healing.  The Reconnection is a specific and comprehensive form of energy healing which employs powerful and effective aura and chakra healing techniques. Also included are meditation and personal growth exercises, which may provide enhanced quality of life, and facilitate spiritual growth.  Forgiveness of ourselves and others is a key component of healing the body.  Carrying negative emotions creates and/or contributes to our illnesses, and releasing these emotions is critical in achieving wellness.  Issues we hold from childhood manifest themselves in many ways in our lives.  Our inner child sessions help individuals overcome childhood wounds, and reconnect with the joyful wonder that helps us feel whole and alive.  In a safe and secure environment, you remain fully clothed while resting comfortably on a massage table. The practitioner will hold his hands above your body, but at no time will you be touched.  Allow up to two hours for your first session.
90 minutes, $85

Holistic Ministry