Try these events with your favorite people!  Do something great for yourself while you enjoy a night out with your friends.  All parties are held at our site in Chapel Hill, last approximately 90 minutes, and are for 6-12 people.  Wine is included, and guests will receive a discount on any products purchased that night.

Chemical Peel Parties
$60 per person

The party includes a chemical peel performed on each person, as well as cleansing, masque, and moisturizer.  The host will receive a FREE home-care peel!

Skin Care Parties  
$30 per person

Guests will experience cleansing, exfoliating, masque, tonique, and moisturizer.  The host will receive a FREE cleanser of her choice to take home!

Spa Party 
$30 per person

At your spa party, guests will receive a paraffin foot treatment, facial cleanse, masque, moisturizer, and shoulder relaxation exercise.  The host will receive a FREE "head tingler" to take home!

Color Analysis Party

$50 per person

This event is a fun way for you and your friends to find out what colors look best on you.  It will help you revitalize your wardrobe and makeup colors!  The host will receive a FREE color swatch booklet!

Spa Parties