What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is the 'Makeup of the Future'!  It is a cosmetic technique that applies permanent pigmentation of the skin (tattooing) to enhance the appearance of the skin, most specifically the brows, lips, and lash line.  It is great for professional women, athletes, those with unsteady hands or poor eyesight, and those sensitive to conventional makeup. Imagine saving time every day in applying your regular cosmetics. Being able to wake up with a finished, polished look, customized to your preferences.
Specialized procedures are available for people who require areola restoration, scar camouflage, or tattoo removal.

About the Artist 

It's obviously important when contemplating permanent makeup to find someone you trust. It's not just enough to know tattooing procedures.  They must have knowledge of the artistic side of cosmetic procedures - the shape and proper placement of color, as well as proper color choice.  

Shannon is a perfectionist, and won't stop until she gets your permanent makeup just the way you want it.  She takes into consideration your preferences and goals, and guides you in your selections so that your new makeup will look natural.  She has a solid reputation, and a full gallery of before and after photos of her work.  
Good to Know:
·         Your makeup will always look like it was applied by an expert... because it was.
·         Results last 1-10 years
·         It's almost pain-free
·         We can correct errors made by other practitioners
Perfect For:
·         Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy

·         Shortening your daily makeup regimen
·         Sparse, thinning or over-tweezed eyebrows
·         Pale lips or fading lip lines
·         Contact lens wearers
·         Physically active people
·         Undefined lash lines
·         Improving appearance of wrinkles
·         Reducing visibility of scarring
·         People with alopecia or vitiligo

Prices and timelines:

All prices include a touchup within 4-12 weeks of the initial procedure. Touchups of another technician's work, to be determined, is usually $150 and up.  Please note that our standard cancellation policy applies to your scheduled visit.


     Brows – shading                        $350                     1 hr
     Brows – hairstrokes                   $450                     1.5 hrs.

     Eyelash Enhancement                $300                     1.5 hrs

     Upper Eyeliner                           $225                     1 hr

     Lower Eyeliner                           $225                      1 hr

     Both Upper and Lower                $400                      2 hrs

     Dual Eyeliner - top                      Add $150

     Lower Rim Inside                        Add $150

     Extra Thick Eyeliner                    Add $75


     Lipliner and Blend                       $350                      1 hr

     Lips - one color                           $500                      1.5 hrs

     Lipliner and fill 2 colors                $550                       1.5 hrs


     Tattoo Removal                          $200 per hour

     Beauty Mark                                 $75 

     Scar Camouflage                         $200 per hour

     Areola Restoration                       $400

     Areola Creation/Replication           $700

See our Permanent Makeup FAQsand Before and After Care Guidelines for more information.

Permanent Makeup

Before and After Care