The Ultimate Pamper Package

We asked ourselves a question – why can’t errands just run themselves?  And we discovered that they can!  In this amazing package, you get to rest and restore your body while your personal concierge runs your errands for you!  Sound too good to be true?  Read the details!
What is it?
Your spa package starts at Flawless Salon and Spa with a 60 minute deep tissue massage or Body Rejuvenation to get rid of tension and muscle aches.  Then, have a 60 minute organic facial customized to your skin type.  Next up is a 30 minute sauna session to continue the relaxation, detoxify your body, and contribute a host of health benefits.  Finally, you’ll experience the healing benefits of our 45 minute aromatic foot soak, designed to make your feet and legs feel fantastic.
As if that’s not enough, while you are enjoying your lavish spa day, you will have two hours of errand time with Consider It Done!  Want your holiday shopping done?  Need your dry cleaning picked up?  Need stuff taken to FedEx?  They will help you with your list while you relax.  What could be better than that?
So how much is this going to cost?  If you purchased everything separately, it would be $323. 
But purchase now for only $199!
60 minute deep tissue massage or Body Rejuvenation
60 minute organic facial
30 minute sauna
45 minute foot soak
2 hours of concierge services

Fine print
PURCHASE the package between now and October 17.  USE the spa services any time between now and November 27.  USE errand services any time between now and January 30.  You can use services all together, or split them up.  Can be gifted.  Please note that you will need to call for spa (919-213-1772) and concierge (919-697-8874) services separately.  The ability to get all services on one date will be higher if you book quickly! 

How to Purchase

To get this offer, call 919-213-1772 or purchase online.  To purchase online, click the button below and for #1 choose Service.  From the dropdown menu choose Massage, and then choose DEAL-Ultimate Pamper Package.  Select as many of these as you  like, and the system will guide you through checkout.

Wendy Solomon, Owner, Flawless Salon and Spa,
Sherri Durbin, Owner, Consider It Done!,