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Have you wondered what energy healing is all about?

When you have your eyes closed and someone is standing over you can you feel it? When you walk into a room can you tell if people are upset? That is because of energy. When it comes down to it we are atoms, molecules, electrons and neutrons which as we learned in science class are forms of energy.

With that said, when we are stressed out, most of us feel overwhelmed and our energy is scattered. It's like a radio when you can't quite get it on the station and all you hear is a bunch of static. You don't feel grounded or centered.  

When we are grounded, centered and tuned into our unique frequency healing can begin and the ability to cope with what life throws our way is so much easier. 

Energy healing works on these energy patterns to clear blocks and help the body to heal itself.  When a session is completed you will feel more relaxed than you have in a long time.  Healing can begin and harmony will be present.

Are you willing to hear what your body has to say? Are you ready to live your best life ever?
Then come to this free seminar to find out what energy healing is about.  We are fortunate to have two energy practitioners at Flawless.  Robin will speak about the specifics of Reiki, and Dr. Roy will speak about The Reconnection.  Come and see why people are using energy work as preventative medicine.

Thursday, September 29
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Free, but registration required

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